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Film Verses Digital


There is something so mysterious and beautiful about film photography. The balance of blacks and whites and greys. And the so pastel and angelic shades that you can only achieve from color film. Today’s photography in my opinion has lost the art. With so many filters  you end up with a flat photo. We have become a society of quick gratification.

But to be fair the photo below was taken with my Iphone 6 plus. And like most people today we all carry some type of camera on our phones. This photo was put thru an instagram filter. One can be artistic in there eye. But If you take the eye and put some of it into a few film rolls you may amaze yourself.



So lets look at a comparison. The two pinup photos above were taken on the same day. The first one with a Canon 70D with the 18-135mm lens. Shutter speed 1/32 second F-stop 5.0 ISO 100 Focal Length 29.0 mm Natural Light flash did not fire.

The second photo was taken with the Canon EOS 650 50mm with Kodak professional Portra 160 in Studio with Natural Light, No Flash.

In post production photo one was auto toned and it appears that the photo still needs to be corrected in  brightness. Photo two was auto toned as well and its perfect!

What I want you to take notice of is the color. The pinks are pink and skin tones are more natural in photo two. I’m not saying we should all go back to film and dis our digital cameras. But to achieve these results one will have to  spend more time in post production.

The proof here is heavenly. This is why one should still shoot film. Especially if you want absolutely amazing results.





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