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On Boudoir by KerryKaye



What is Boudoir Photography and how is it different from other forms of today’s trending photography, or the past of Gentlemen’s magazines like the iconic Playboy centerfolds or Penthouse. If you know me well, then you know that Ive always been for 1st amendment rights and your right to choose what you like in forms of taste in portraiture.  So the subject  is Boudoir.



Many photographers across the globe will have there own ideas and creative sense of the word, the interpretation which is captured thru lens and light. Access to an abundance of Artists work via social media can make one feel numb so to speak or even apprehensive to shoot when your visual artistry is bombarded with vision after vision of what is suppose to be beautiful and whats really beautiful. If your thinking of doing a boudoir style shoot and your nervous, just relax and remember that there is no contest when it comes to a subject whether the subject be man or woman model bride housewife couples and boudoir.  Boudoir is private, those private moments of beauty in ones private place whether it be a bedroom, a special vacation spot or a documented life event example, ones honeymoon or a blushing bride.weddingboudoir-5771a

The challenge of the photographer is what to capture, what does your client want? What story is desired to be told with the photograph? Is it innocence, beauty, seduction? Is the story love? Being able to tell a story with the photo, not just pressing your shutter in hopes of a good image. Depending on the effect desired by Artist and client there is much planning required. Does one desire an indoor or outdoor scene? Are you planning on natural lighting (my favorite) or studio lighting? What about nudity and boudoir. Depending on your taste sometimes boudoir may contain nudity or implied nudity or partial nudity. But fear not you can do boudoir without nudity.


This choice is entirely up to your Artist and Model or Artist and clients. Nudity is not always what one may desire in their boudoir. Many times its suggestion of nudity which is more pleasing to the imagination and eye. Everyone has there own creative idea for were to draw the line. Most important is that your client or model is comfortable. And what they get out of the photography session is the feeling of being beautiful and some cherished photos to be enjoyed for a lifetime.




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